Transfer site properties

A transfer site in SecureTransport is defined with the following properties:

  • Site Name – the name of the site. This name must be unique for the account.
  • You cannot enter spaces-only values in the Site Name field. For more information, see Spaces in required fields on page 1.
  • Site Type – indicates whether transfers are internal (within a single organization) or partner (between organizations). Reported to Axway Sentinel as USERPARAMETER1 and displayed in the Sentinel event attributes.
  • Access Level - transfer site access level determines whether and which other accounts could reuse this transfer site in Send To Partner step.
    • Private – The access level is private. Only the current account is able to use this transfer site.
    • Business Unit – Access to the transfer site is limited to the account's business unit. The current account and all accounts in the current account’s business unit can use this transfer site.
    • Public – Access to the transfer site is public. All accounts are able use this transfer site.
    • NoteAccess level is applicable only when Advanced Routing feature is used. For more information see Advanced Routing.
  • Maximum parallel transfers – If you enter a value greater than zero, SecureTransport executes only the specified number of transfers in parallel. If the value is null or zero, the maximum number of parallel transfers is limited by system capacity.
  • The maximum number of parallel transfers limit is applied cluster wide. The limit for files transferred from the client will not be exceeded. Due to limitations in Standard Cluster communication mode, the parallel pulls limit can be exceeded when there are several connections. If you want to force the limit, then the force.standard.cluster.sit.transfers.sync=true system property should be added to the start_tm_console. Adding the property to the start_tm_console has a performance penalty due to increased cluster communication.
    Note that the force.standard.cluster.sit.transfers.sync value overrides the value of the force.standart.cluster.sit.pulls.sync property, used in previous SecureTransport versions for the same purposes.
    You can configure Maximum parallel transfers with the following Transfer site protocols: AS2, FTP(S), HTTP(S), SSH, Generic-HTTP(S), SharePoint.
    NoteWhen multiple transfers limitations are set, all of them apply but the strictest limitation takes priority over the rest. The following limitations may affect server initiated transfers:
    • Maximum Parallel Transfers - the limit per Transfer Site, described here.
    • Maximum number of parallel transfers - the limit for "Files Received from this Account or its Partners", specified in Basic Application or Advanced Routing Subscriptions
    • Maximum concurrent connections per host for outbound connections
  • Transfer Protocol – one of the supported protocols: AS2, Connect:Direct, Folder Monitor, FTP(S), HTTP(S), SSH (SFTP), PeSIT, System to Human, or a protocol implemented using the file services interface.
  • Custom properties – these vary according to the protocol used for the transfer site. For more information about each protocol, refer to the reference topics for each protocol.

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