Using DXAGENT_TRANSFERSAPI variables in transfer sites

The environment variables with the DXAGENT_TRANSFERSAPI prefix can be used in the transfer site definition fields to reference properties submitted via the REST API.

  1. On the Add Transfer Site page or the Edit Transfer Site page, in the desired property field, type:
    ${DXAGENT_TRANSFERSAPI_*}, where * is an arbitrary name, for example, "MEMBERNAME".
  2. Note Depending on transfer protocol, you can use environment variables in different transfer site definition fields. If a transfer site is successfully created or edited, all the environment variables and advanced expressions, used in its definition, will be evaluated.
  3. To trigger a server-initiated transfer using the Transfers RESTful API resource, you need to set the value of the dynamic property in the request body in the following form:
    "YourCustomPropertyName":"value", for example, "MEMBERNAME": "Kate".

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