Protocol server access control

You can limit access to the SecureTransport Administration Tool, FTP, and HTTP servers to specified hosts by defining access rules.

When a client attempts to connect to the SecureTransport Administration Tool or either of the protocol servers, the server looks up the address and, if reverse DNS lookup is enabled, the host name of the computer the client is connecting from and for protocol servers, the user class and applies the access rules to allow or deny access.

If your SecureTransport deployment includes SecureTransport Edge servers in a peripheral network (DMZ) and if you need different Administration Tool access control for administrators who use the Administration Tool for SecureTransport Edge and for SecureTransport Server, you can configure Administration Tool access control differently.

Configure protocol server access control on SecureTransport Server only.

Note Protocol server access restrictions do not work for SiteMinder logins.

The following topics describe access rule ordering and provide how-to instructions for enabling host names for access control and managing protocol server access:

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