Configure SiteMinder for SecureTransport integration

To successfully integrate SecureTransport with SiteMinder, SiteMinder must be configured appropriately using the SiteMinder administration system. This topic provides general guidelines for configuring SiteMinder 4.X and 5.X. For more information, refer to the SiteMinder documentation.

  1. Create a SiteMinder agent that SecureTransport is to use to connect to the SiteMinder Policy Server.
  2. When creating the agent, either select the 4.X compatibility option and fill in the IP address of the SecureTransport Server (not the SiteMinder Policy server) and Shared secret or select the 5.X compatibility option and fill in the name of the agent only.
  3. Create an authentication scheme by selecting one of the following types:
    • Basic Template – password authentication
    • X509 Client Cert Template – certificate authentication
    • X509 Client Cert or Basic Template – certificate or password authentication
    • X509 Client Cert and Basic Template – certificate and password authentication
  4. Create a Realm, selecting the agent and authentication scheme that have been created for SecureTransport.
  5. Create new rules under the Realm.
  6. Create a Response that returns the attributes required by the SecureTransport SiteMinder settings. For details, see SiteMinder integration configuration.
  7. Apply the new rules to the necessary SiteMinder Policy.

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