Secure LDAP

For secure communication between SecureTransport and an LDAP server to work correctly, a trust must be established between the two parties.

When Verify Certificate Chain is selected, SecureTransport must trust the CA certificates used to sign the LDAP servers' certificate for encrypted connections. You must add these certificates to the SecureTransport trusted certificate store. For more information, see Import a local certificate.

SSL and TLS support have the following limitations based on the SSL protocol and TLS LDAP server implementation:

  • SecureTransport cannot connect to the i-Planet Directory Server, v5.0 using TLS. SecureTransport fails to connect after a few minutes, displays an error message in the client , and makes an entry in its server log.
  • The OpenLDAP server might incorrectly report an error when closing a TLS connection. The TLS connection closes properly even though the error is reported.

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