SecureTransport AS2 server: Setup overview

This topic outlines the overall steps required to set up SecureTransport for AS2 transfers. To setup SecureTransport Server for AS2, complete these steps:

  1. Configure the AS2 server control settings. See Manage the AS2 server.
  2. Configure the AS2 settings. See Manage the AS2 server.
  3. Configure an HTTP proxy (optional). See Specify proxy settings in a network zone.
  4. Start Transaction Manager and AS2 servers. See Server control.
  5. Create a SiteMailbox application or a Basic or Advanced Routing application. See Manage applications.
  6. Create a user account. See Create a user account.
  7. In the user account, create a AS2 transfer site using the AS2 protocol. During this step you specify the AS2 local and remote sites in the transfer site definition. See AS2 transfers.
  8. In the user account, create a subscription to the SiteMailbox application or to the Basic or Advanced Routing application and specify the AS2 transfer site. See Subscribe an account to an application.

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