SMTP configuration

Use the SMTP Configuration pane to configure SMTP for outgoing email.

  1. Select Setup > Miscellaneous and view the SMTP Configuration pane.
  2. In the Notify e-mail field, type the email address to which notification emails are sent.
  3. In the SMTP Host Address field, type the host address of the SMTP e-mail server.
  4. In the SMTP Port field, type the port number of the SMTP email server.
  5. In the SMTP userid field, type the user ID required to access the SMTP server.
  6. If the SMTP server requires a password, select Use Password under SMTP password and type the required password in the field provided.
  7. Click Apply.
Note All fields in this pane are mandatory. Enter valid values for user ID and password fields, if authentication is enabled on the SMTP mail server. If the SMTP mail server does not require authentication, enter a value such as guest and password in these fields, but do not leave them empty.

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