Certificate Management page

To access the Certificate Management page, select Setup > Certificates.

Note In SecureTransport 5.3.6, regardless of installation type (either fresh install or upgrade from previous version), trusted certificates come with a jdk label in the certificate alias. This indicates that they are imported from JRE and does not affect the SecureTransport operations.

Use the Certificate Management page to perform the following certificate management functions:

  • Import certificates
  • Delete certificates
  • Generate self-issued local certificates and certificate signing requests (CSRs)
  • View certificates
  • Export certificates to a file
  • View, delete, or finish pending CSRs
Note Because SecureTransport stores the trusted and local certificates and the protocol server configuration in the database and recreates them in the file system when a server starts, you must import certificates into the database using the Administration Tool. You cannot install a certificate by copying it into a directory as you could in previous releases.

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