Manage file transfers

You can restart a file transfer or cancel a file transfer.

The following topics provide how-to instructions for restarting and canceling a file transfer:

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Restart a transfer

If a file transfer fails permanently, SecureTransport displays a Resubmit button in the RESUBMIT column.

  1. Select Operations > File Tracking.
  2. The File Tracking page is displayed.
  3. Click Resubmit to the left of the failed transfer you want to restart.

After you restart a file transfer, the Resubmit button no longer displays and a new line is added to the File Tracking page showing the progress of the resubmitted transfer.

Cancel a transfer

If a server-initiated file transfer fails temporarily and is scheduled for a retry, SecureTransport displays a Cancel button in the RESUBMIT column.

  • To cancel the file transfer retry, click Cancel.

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