Firewall settings

The SecureTransport client and server software is frequently used in conjunction with network firewalls, designed to permit access only to authorized protocols and possibly specific source networks, hosts, or users. Firewalls provide essential protection from hackers, corporate raiders, and other types of access that are unauthorized or should be restricted.

A firewall refers to a hardware, software, or combination product that provides stateful inspection or filtering functionality only. There are other types of network devices, such as proxy servers and caching stores that can provide these functions as well, but these devices are not covered in the following topics.

One frequently deployed firewall is the Check Point FireWall-1 product (VPN-1), produced by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. Other popular products include the Cisco PIX, Symantec Enterprise Firewall (Raptor), and Network Associates Gauntlet firewalls.

The following topics provide how-to instructions for enabling bidirectional connections and configuring ports. They also provide descriptions and lists of the firewall rules.

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