Create a Site Mailbox application

You must enable the SiteMailbox rules package in the Transaction Manager before you can use a Site Mailbox application. For more information, see Enable a rules package.

When a user account is subscribed to the Site Mailbox application, there are four subscription settings possible. Require Valid Signature and Require File Encryption are applied to the subscription folder for both incoming and outgoing transfers. Encrypt Files and Sign Files are applied only for the outgoing transfers

  1. Select Application and click Add New.
  2. The New Application page is displayed.
  3. Select Site Mailbox from the mandatory Application Type list.
  4. Enter a unique Application Name. You cannot enter spaces-only values in this field. For more information, see Spaces in required fields.
  5. Note The application name cannot include any forward slash (/) characters.
  6. (Optional) Use the Assign and Remove buttons to assign business units for the application. The Business Unit List contains the names of business units you have created. For details, see Business units.
  7. (Optional) Enter an application Description.
  8. Under Outbox Folder, type the name of the folder subscribers use to send files. The default value is outbox.
  9. Under Inbox Folder, type the name of the folder subscribers use to receive files. The default value is inbox.
  10. Click Create Application.

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