Application overview

In SecureTransport, applications are sets of workflow you can create to perform file processing, including the following:

  • Transform data
  • Schedule file transfers
  • Route files
  • Monitor shared folder monitoring across user accounts
  • Trigger sequential sets of actions

An application is defined as an instance of a set of workflow called an application type. Once you have defined an application, you create a connection between an application and one or more accounts. Such a connection is defined through a subscription.

SecureTransport ships with the following built-in application types:

  • Archive Maintenance – Archives transferred files and manages how often the archived files are deleted. Does not archive ad hoc packages.
  • Audit Log Maintenance – Manages audit log entries through export or deletion.
  • Axway Sentinel Link Data Maintenance – Removes all SentinelLinkData entries to files that do not exist.
  • Axway Transfer CFT – Enables Axway Transfer CFT to push files to SecureTransport.
  • Basic Application – Provides a way to perform server-initiated transfers and data transformations without file routing.
  • File Transfer via File Services Interface– Processes metadata files sent from another system for a protocol implemented using the file services interface.
  • Human to System – Provides a way to route H2S file transfers.
  • Log Entry Maintenance – Manages server log entries through export or deletion.
  • Login Threshold Maintenance – Unlocks already locked accounts and sends a report to specified email contacts.
  • Package Retention Maintenance – Deletes expired file packages from ad hoc file transfers.
  • Shared Folder – Provides shared data storage between accounts.
  • Site Mailbox – Provides a means of communication between an account and its transfer sites. This site is used for AS2 transfers.
  • Standard Router – Provides a means of communication between an account and internal systems.
  • Advanced Routing - Provides a means of communication between multiple accounts and internal systems.
  • Transfer Log Maintenance – Manages transfer log entries through export or deletion.
  • Unlicensed Users Maintenance – Deletes inactive unlicensed user accounts.

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