Transfer related

The transfer related EL expressions are derived from the use case where:

  • A LDAP user has an account template (template-routes) which is:
    • Subscribed to an Advanced Routing application - ba) and assigned:
      • Subscription folder - (/ba)
      • Business unit - (bu)
      • Account home folder - /home/vusers/bu/user
      • Account email address -
      • LDAP domain - ad

The user logs in over HTTPS and uploads a file partner_certificate.crt in the subscription folder under its home folder.

The following table provides the transfer related EL expressions from the use case.

Agent Env Variable Routing EL expression Example
DXAGENT_CORE_ID transfer.coreId ${transfer.coreId eq "390bedec-c82e-45aa-afc2-1b78d846732d"}
DXAGENT_TARGETPATH transfer.targetDirFull ${parentFolder(transfer.targetDirFull) eq account.home}
${transfer.transferredBytes ge 20}
DXAGENT_TRANSFER_STATUS_START_TIME transfer.startTime ${transfer.startTime lt transfer.endTime}
DXAGENT_TIMESTAMP_INCOMING_END transfer.endTime ${transfer.endTime gt transfer.startTime}
DXAGENT_XFERTYPE transfer.xferType

${transfer.xferType eq "A"}

${transfer.xferType eq "I"}

DXAGENT_TARGETDIR transfer.targetDir ${concat(transfer.targetDir.substring(0,1), leadingFolder(session.workDir)) eq transfer.targetDir} - returns true
DXAGENT_FULLTARGET transfer.targetFull

${filename(transfer.targetFull).matches('part.*.crt')} - returns true

${extension( eq extension(filename(transfer.targetFull))} - returns true


${'.*.crt') ? 1 : 0} - will return 1

${extract(basename(,'_',1) eq 'partner1'} - will return true

${basename('(.*)_(.*)', '$2_$1') eq 'certificate_partner')

The following table provides additional transfer related EL expressions.

Routing EL expressions Description

Determines the transfer trigger.


  • server_pull - If the routing was started by a server initiated pull.
  • client_download - If the routing was started by a client download.
  • client_upload - If the routing was started by a client upload.

Determines the transfer status.


success - If the routing was started by a success.

failure - If the routing was started by a failure.

temporary_failure - If the routing was started by a temporary failure.

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