LDAP related

The following table provides the LDAP related EL expressions.

Agent Env Variable Routing EL expression Example
STSESSION_LDAP_DOMAIN_ID ldap.domainId ${ldap.domainId == '<domain id>'}
STSESSION_LDAP_DOMAIN_NAME ldap.domainName ${ldap.domainName eq 'ad'} - will return true
STSESSION_LDAP_DN ldap.dn ${ldap.dn.toLowerCase().matches('.*dc=st1.*')} - will return true
STSESSION_LDAP_AUTH_BY_EMAIL ldap.authByEmail ${ldap.authByEmail gt 0}
STSESSION_LDAP_DIR.* ldap.attributes.*


STSESSION_LDAP_DIR_fdxMail ldap.attributes.
matches('usert.*') ? 1 : 0}
- will return 1

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