Skipped transformation

The Advanced Routing routes are configured:

  • Route 1:
    • Transformation 1: PGP Decryption where Require Encryption is not selected
    • Route 1: Publish To Account
  • Route 2:
    • Transformation 1: Line Ending where Process files based on a filename pattern is selected
    • Route 1: Send To Partner

A clear text file is uploaded. Route 1 is triggered. The PGP Decryption transformation is skipped since Require Encryption is not selected. The clear text file is published successfully. A file is uploaded that does not match the configured filename pattern. Route 2 is triggered. The Line Ending transformation is skipped since the filename pattern was not recognized and routes the original file to partner transfer site.

Note PGP Decryption, Decompression, and Line Ending transformations have optional behaviors that enables them to pass along files that are not eligible for transformation.
Note Even though transformation steps could be skipped, it is highly recommended that the last step of every route will be a routing step (Send To Partner or Publish To Account). Only routing steps can route the transformed file outside of the sandbox folder.

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