Advanced Routing functional overview

Advanced Routing provides advanced transformation and routing capabilities for SecureTransport Server. On a high level, when specific conditions are met, particular steps are performed. Conditions and steps are wrapped in routes as part of a Route Package Template or Route Package.

Advanced Routing has the following main features:

  • Conditioning
    • Transformation and route execution is based on file path/name patterns or other environment variables
  • Transformations
    • PGP Encryption, PGP Decryption, Compress, Decompress, Line Ending, External Script, Encoding Conversion, Characters Replace, Line Padding, Line Truncating, Line Folding, and Rename transformations
    • Multiple transformation execution (for example, Decompress > PGP Decryption > Compress)
    • Renaming
  • Routings
    • File routing to transfer sites, accounts (including virtual and LDAP ones), and file system through Publish To Account and Send To Partner
    • Renaming and deleting
    • Overwrite upload folder - optional setting for the new upload folder name which overwrites the one configured in Transfer site settings
  • Tracking and notifications
    • File Tracking integration
    • Sentinel integration
    • Email notifications on routing and transformation successes, failures, and triggering
  • Extensive Expression Language support
  • Post routing, post transformation, and post processing actions 
  • Ability to specify and overwrite transformation and routing steps on an account basis
  • Distributed execution of the routes in a Standard Cluster or Enterprise Cluster

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