Create a delegated administrator

Use the following procedure to create a delegated administrator.

  1. Create or edit an administrator and set the Administrative Role to Delegated Administrator.
  2. Select a Parent Administrator. This is the administrator whose role and access rights most closely match those required for the delegated administrator.
  3. Select the business units you want to assign to the administrator, if required. Business Units can be added or modified through the Business Units page.
  4. Note If the Business unit assigned to Delegated Administrator has child Business unit, the child Business Unit will be also assigned to this Delegated Administrator. If Business unit does not have child, but another Delegated Administrator adds child, the newly added child will be automatically assigned to the first Delegated Administrator. If the child Business Unit is removed from the parent Business Unit but continues to exist, the Delegated Administrator will not be linked anymore.
  5. Select the appropriate privileges for the delegated administrator.
  6. Click Save to add the new administrator.

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