Add an administrator account

If you have access to the Administrators page, you can define multiple administrators with varied access privileges for SecureTransport administration. Master administrators and delegated administrators with the Manage Administrators privilege have access to the Administrators page by default.

  1. Select Accounts > Administrators.
  2. The Administrators page is displayed.
  3. Click New Administrator.
  4. The New Administrator page is displayed.
  5. In the Administrator Name field, enter a name for the administrator. Administrator names are case-sensitive.
  6. Select the Administrative Role for the new administrator.
  7. Select Password is stored locally (not in external directory) to store the administrator password locally and not in an external directory. If this option is selected, completing the Password field is mandatory. If this option is not selected, the only mandatory parameters for creating an administrator are Administrator Name and Administrative Role.
  8. Note Uncheck this option in order for the current administrator to be able to login using an external authentication agent (Identity provider) when SSO for administrators is enabled.
  9. In the Password field, enter a password for the administrator. Passwords are case-sensitive.
  10. In the Confirm Password field, type the password again to confirm it.
  11. If you have enabled administrators to login using a client certificate on the Admin Settings page, the Certificate DN field and Dual authentication check box are displayed. If client certificates are required or to specify one for this administrator, complete the fields.
    1. In the Certificate DN field, type the Subject field value from the certificate.
    2. To require the administrator to use both a certificate and password, select Dual authentication. If you select this option, you must type the Distinguished Name in the Certificate DN field.
  12. Click Save to add the administrator account.
  13. The new administrator is displayed in the list of administrators on the Administrators page.

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