Add an administrative role

Note If you have been using a previous version of SecureTransport and you have upgraded to SecureTransport 5.3.1, only administrative roles which used to have full rights for the Transaction Manager tab (Packages, Install Agents, and Install Functions) will have permissions for TM Settings in the Setup tab.

Use the following procedure to add administrative role.

  1. Select Accounts > Manage Roles.
  2. The Administrative Roles page is displayed.
  3. If you do not see roles with Master in the Type column, you are logged on as a user with a limited role.
  4. Click New Administrative Role.
  5. The New Administrative Role window is displayed.
  6. Type the Role Name.
  7. Select the Role Type.
    • Select Master to give this role complete privileges over the Administration Tool menus selected under Accessible Menus and access to all accounts and business units. Only an administrator whose role has Master type can select this.
    • Select Limited to enable limiting the business unit access and privileges for administrators with this role. The Delegated Administrator role has Role Type set to Limited. A user with a limited role and Manage Roles access cannot access Master roles or his own role. Limited is the default setting.
  8. Select values from the Bounce drop-down list.
    • Select Permitted to enable administrators at this level to bounce (manually signal running server processes to reload their configurations) servers.
    • Select Prohibited to deny these same privileges. Prohibited is the default setting.
  9. Under Accessible Menus, do the following:
    • Select the menus that the administrative role can access. Select the check box for the column heading to select all the menus in the column.
    • Clear the menus that the administrative role cannot access. Clear the check box for the column heading to clear all the menus in the column.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. The new administrative role is added to the Administrative Roles page.

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