Outgoing connections

You can proxy outgoing connections using a SOCKS5 proxy running on a SecureTransport Edge or an HTTP proxy. You configure the use of a proxy by defining one or more network zones and making a selection in the transfer site. See Manage Transaction Manager protocol and proxy server communication and the procedures for defining AS2, FTP, HTTP, PeSIT, and SSH transfer sites.

Note By default, when a proxy is configured, direct connections from the SecureTransport Backend are not permitted even in when the proxy is unreachable. To change the default behavior, set Direct.Connection.When.Proxy.Down server configuration parameter to true. For information on changing server configuration parameters, refer to View and change server configuration parameters.

If server-initiated transfers being performed using FTP(S) are passing through the SOCKS5 proxy, increase the value of the Socks.Idle.Timeout server configuration parameter on the SecureTransport Edge from 600000 to 7200000 milliseconds. This prevents the FTP control connection from timing out during the transfer. You must restart the SOCKS5 proxy server for this change to take effect.

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