Lock or unlock a user account

Use the following procedure to lock or unlock a user account.

  1. Select Accounts > User Accounts. The User Accounts page is displayed.
  2. Click the name of the account that you want to lock or unlock.
  3. The Settings pane is displayed with details for the selected account.
  4. Click Lock Account or Unlock Account, depending on the current status of the account.
  5. Note An account can be locked or unlocked only if it has a user associated with it. When an account is locked, the user associated with it cannot log in to the SecureTransport Server. However, if an account is locked, server-initiated transfers associated with that account are not affected.

Accounts are locked when:

  • When an administrator locks an account using the lock user account procedure.
  • When the number failed login attempts exceeds the configured number of allowed attempts.
  • When the number successful login attempts exceeds the configured number of successful attempts.
  • When the day count exceeds the configured number of days between password changes.
  • Note Change password failures are counted as failed login attempts.

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