Transfer site properties

A transfer site in SecureTransport is defined with the following properties:

  • Site Name – the name of the site. This name must be unique for the account.
  • You cannot enter spaces-only values in the Site Name field. For more information, see Spaces in required fields on page 1.
  • Site Type – indicates whether transfers are internal (within a single organization) or partner (between organizations). Reported to Axway Sentinel as USERPARAMETER1 and displayed in the Sentinel event attributes.
  • Access Level - transfer site access level determines whether and which other accounts could reuse this transfer site in Send To Partner step.
    • Private – The access level is private. Only the current account is able to use this transfer site.
    • Business Unit – Access to the transfer site is limited to the account's business unit. The current account and all accounts in the current account’s business unit can use this transfer site.
    • Public – Access to the transfer site is public. All accounts are able use this transfer site.
    • NoteAccess level is applicable only when Advanced Routing feature is used. For more information see Advanced Routing.
  • Transfer Protocol – one of the supported protocols: AS2, Connect:Direct, Folder Monitor, FTP(S), HTTP(S), SSH (SFTP), PeSIT, System to Human, or a protocol implemented using the file services interface.
  • Custom properties – these vary according to the protocol used for the transfer site. For more information about each protocol, refer to the reference topics for each protocol.

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