SecureTransport troubleshooting tools

If problems still exist after troubleshooting with the SiteMinder tools, use the SecureTransport log files to try to ascertain the problem.

To use the SecureTransport log files effectively to troubleshoot the SiteMinder integration issues, consider the following recommendations:

  • Increase the log level of log generator in <FILEDRIVEHOME>/conf/tm-log4j.xml to debug. Increase the log levels of other log generators in this file as well.
  • Increase all the log levels in <FILEDRIVEHOME>/conf/tm-log4j.xml from warn to debug.
  • Check the <FILEDRIVEHOME>/var/logs/tm.log file and the Server Log page for any messages when a SiteMinder login fails.

After increasing the logging level settings, restart Transaction Manager to apply the changes.

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Restart Transaction Manager

Use the following procedure to restart the Transaction Manager.

  1. Select Operations > Server Control.
  2. The Server Control page is displayed.
  3. Under TM Server, click Stop and then click Start.

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