Install an in-process agent

After developing an in-process agent, you must install it in order to use the agent. You can install multiple agents in one jar file or install each agent in a separate class file. If you have additional jar files that an agent calls, install each jar file once only. Agents have access to all uploaded files, and can call any class specified in the agent that is available.

Classes installed using the Install Agents page can be selected from the Agent Class Name field when creating an in-process agent.

  1. Select Transaction Manager > Install Agents. This Install Agent page is displayed.
  2. Type the name of the .class or .jar file of the agent or click Browse to select the .class or .jar file of the agent from your local system.
  3. Note Make sure External Java Agent is not selected when installing in-process agents.

  4. Click Install.
  5. If the file already exists on the server, you are prompted for a confirmation to overwrite it. Class files are uploaded to the <FILEDRIVEHOME>/brules/local/agents/inprocess/classes directory and .jar files are uploaded to the <FILEDRIVEHOME>/brules/local/agents/inprocess/jars directory on the server.

Repeat the process to add additional files.

If you do not see the new in-process agent when editing an action, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a remote connection tool such as Telnet and connect to the SecureTransport Server.
  2. Locate the file <FILEDRIVEHOME>/brules/local/agentlist.
  3. Add the class name using the qualified path with package name as in the following example:
  4. com.myexample.agents.NotifyAgent
  5. Save the agentlist file and exit the remote connection tool.

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