Transaction Manager

The Transaction Manager is an event-based rules engine that provides Axway SecureTransport Server with extensible server-side functionality used for process automation and real-time delivery of data. This topic describes how to use the Transaction Manager to create and manage rules.

Note SecureTransport does not automatically copy changes made under the Transaction Manager menu to other servers in your large enterprise cluster, so you must deploy a new or changed rules package and enable or disable a rules package on all servers in the cluster. Typically you modify rules and develop applications on a development server and use export and import to deploy them after you test them.
Note Edited and saved Rule Package names can not have spaces and must have 16 or fewer characters. This also applies to existing Rule Packages (for example, PGP Transformation).
Note Transaction Manager menu and UI pages are deprecated for SecureTransport 5.3.0 and they will be removed in a future product version.

The following topics describe managing Transaction Manager rules, rules packages, and agents:

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