Set up an active/passive cluster

When you change the cluster settings to be active/passive, the secondary standby server stops processing events. For details, see Active/active clusters.

  1. Set up a two-server cluster using the instructions in Set up an active/active cluster.
  2. Stop the TM server on both servers in the cluster.
  3. On the Server Configuration page of each server, change the value of the Cluster.mode parameter to passive or passive_legacy.
  4. On the primary server, create a file named <FILEDRIVEHOME>/var/tmp/sentinel_primary. This file is not used for integration with Axway Sentinel. It is required whether or not Sentinel is used.
  5. To create the file, you can use the touch command in UNIX or create an empty file with no file extension in Windows. The file must have 0 bytes.
  6. If you set Cluster.mode to passive_legacy, on the standby server, set FolderMonitor.enable and Scheduler.enable to false.
  7. Start the TM server on both servers in the cluster.

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