FTPD log file

cmdlog – This log file contains the FTP commands and arguments that are sent by FTP clients after they connect successfully. (Thus, it does not show the USER and PASS commands.) Note that this log is not enabled by default. For more information, see FTP command log configuration.

The format of this file is:

<calendar_time> <PID> <user_name> <command>


<current_time> - The current local time, for example Tue Feb 24 14:28:01

<PID> - The process ID

<user_name> - Account name

<command> - FTP command and (optional) target file name

The possible FTP commands are listed under Ftp.Commands configuration option.

The default path of the cmdlog file is <filedrivehome>/var/logs and is configurable trough the Ftp.CommandLogging.File configuration option.

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