Regular expressions

This appendix provides information about the syntax for regular expressions supported by Axway SecureTransport.

For matching file names with the glob pattern method, SecureTransport uses org.apache.oro.text.GlobCompile class. We can refer to its documentation which describes the following syntax: * - Matches zero or more instances of any character. ? - Matches one instance of any character. [...] - Matches any of characters enclosed by the brackets. * and ? lose their special meanings within a character class. Additionaly if the first character following the opening bracket is a ! or a ^, then any character not in the character class is matched. A - between two characters can be used to denote a range. A - at the beginning or end of the character class matches itself rather than referring to a range. A ] immediately following the opening [ matches itself rather than indicating the end of the character class, otherwise it must be escaped with a backslash to refer to itself. \ - A backslash matches itself in most situations. But when a special character such as a * follows it, a backslash escapes the character, indicating that the special character should be interpreted as a normal character instead of its special meaning. All other characters match themselves. Some exapmles are [a-c]test*, [^a-c]d?, *a*, \*dir

You use regular expressions with the Transaction Manager rule ~ (match) operator and for other matching in SecureTransport configuration.

The following topics describe the components of SecureTransport regular expressions:

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