View and change server configuration parameters

Many SecureTransport server configuration parameters are stored in the database. In a cluster, any change you make to any shared parameter is automatically copied to all nodes in the cluster.

The Server Configuration page, accessed by selecting Operations > Server Configuration, shows all configuration parameters that are stored in the database. You can view the values of all parameters and you can edit the values of some of them. You set the values of parameters you cannot edit on the Server Configuration page using fields on other pages of the Administration Tool.

The following topics provide how to instructions for searching, paging through, and changing parameters:

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Search for a parameter

You can filter the list of parameters using fields in the Search pane.

  1. To display only parameters that contain a string in their name, type that string in the Parameter field. The parameter name search is not case sensitive.
  2. To display only parameters that contain a string in their value, type that string in the Value field. The parameter value search is case sensitive.
  3. To display only parameters you can edit, select Editable Parameters.
  4. To display only local parameters, select Local Parameters.
  5. Click Go.
  6. The filtered list is displayed.
Note Drag the resize handle of a field in the Value column to see or change all the text.

Page through the parameter list

If there are more than 100 parameters in the filtered list, they are displayed on pages.

  1. To display to the next or previous page, click the forward or back arrow.
  2. To display a page, type the page number in the page field and click GO.

Change a parameter value

If a parameter is editable, you can change its value. In many case, the valid values are include in the Description column.

  1. In the Edit column, click the Edit icon ( Edit).
  2. Type the new value in the Value column.
  3. In the Edit column, click the Save icon ( Save).
  4. SecureTransport saves the value to the database. If the parameter applies to all nodes in the cluster, SecureTransport copies it to the other nodes.
  5. To cancel an edit, click Go in the Search pane.
Note If you edit the value of a second parameter before saving the value of the first, save each value in turn, waiting for each save operation to complete before saving the next.

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