SecureTransport clients

Axway Secure Client is a secured FTP, HTTP, and SFTP client designed to operate with Axway SecureTransport, Axway Gateway, or any standard FTP server. Axway Secure Client runs as a stand-alone application, as a service, or as a background task. Moreover, working with Axway SecureTransport, Axway Interchange, and Axway Gateway, Axway Secure Client guarantees data delivery and data integrity while protecting corporate bandwidths. The Auto Restart feature automatically re-establishes broken connections and resumes transfers from the point where the transfer stopped. When a clustered deployment supports automatic failover, the transfer can resume on another server after a server failure.

SecureTransport Server and SecureTransport Edge support a broad set of file transfer clients to enable a wide range of applications and data transfer scenarios, including third-party file transfer clients or browser-based open standard protocols.

SecureTransport supports the following Axway clients:

  • Axway Secure Client
  • Axway SecureTransport Web Access Plus
  • SecureTransport Browser Client
  • Axway Outlook Add-in

See Axway and third-party software support for supported browsers and versions.

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