LDAP integration

You can configure Axway SecureTransport to use Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers to authenticate users and provide information it uses to set up the user session.

The SecureTransport LDAP integration includes:

  • Optional or mandatory LDAP authentication.
  • Support for LDAP versions 2 and 3.
  • Support for Secure LDAP, also know as LDAP over SSL or LDAPS.
  • Search over multiple LDAP domains that provide authentication information and user attributes for different groups of users.
  • Multiple, redundant LDAP servers in a domain for backup when an LDAP server is down or inaccessible.
  • One or more default LDAP domains that SecureTransport searches when a user does not specify a domain name on login.
Note You cannot configure both LDAP integration and SiteMinder integration.

The following topics provide LDAP connections, binds, and searches information and logins, agents, domains, home folders, and use type ranges for LDAP:

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