Web Access Plus overview

You can use Web Access Plus to perform the following functions:

  • Browse local computer or view the content of files on the SecureTransport Server
  • View files and folders on the SecureTransport Server for specific information such as size, path, link, modification time, permissions, access, and so on
  • Sort the current directory content by different criteria
  • Upload and download files using a drag-and-drop user interface
  • Sending and receiving email with attachments
  • Create, rename, and delete folders and files on the local computer
  • Create and delete folders on the SecureTransport Server
  • View the status and details of transfers
  • Pause, restart, and cancel transfers

If you do not have Java installed on your computer or the Java version is older than 1.6, SecureTransport run Light Web Access Plus. For a summary of the functions of Web Access Plus and Light Web Access Plus, see Web Access Plus versus Light Web Access Plus .

Note All SecureTransport web clients support uploading and downloading multiple files. But this feature is not supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and 9. This is a known Internet Explorer limitation.

The Web Access Plus user interface consists of seven main areas.

Web Access Plus user interface

The following table describes the Main areas of the Web Access Plus user interface:

Pane/Area Description
Compose button Displays an email composition page, which includes a User Access link, allowing you to select the user access restrictions for your message and attachment.
My Computer Allows you to view, delete, copy and move the files and folders on your local computer.
SecureTransport Allows you to view, delete, copy, and move the SecureTransport Server files.
Mail Includes Inbox, Sent, and Draft folders as well as Search and Manage Folders functions.
Transfers Queue Shows a list of active, paused, canceled and finished transfers.
Transfer Details Shows additional information for Status, Job, Direction, Start Time, Speed, and priority of the queued transfers.
Toolbar (top)

Includes the following options:

  • Help: Opens online help.
  • Logout: Logs off of the SecureTransport Server.
  • Preferences: Opens the Preferences page.

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