The SecureTransport Adminstration Tool online help provides information about common administration and management tasks performed by Axway SecureTransport administrators.

This guide is intended for system administrators who configure and maintain SecureTransport. As SecureTransport system administrator, you must be able to work effectively with the operating system platform and network used by SecureTransport. As a system administrator who deploys and configures SecureTransport and maintains its configuration, you must know or learn the file transfer requirements of your organization including the systems, protocols, and other standards used within your corporate network and by your partners. You must also be familiar with the configuration of systems that you integrate with SecureTransport, including LDAP, CA SiteMinder, Axway Sentinel, Axway Transfer CFT, and other file transfer clients and servers. As a system administrator who manages user and service account and maintains day-to-day operation of SecureTransport, you must understand the roles of your users and partners so you can assign them correct account properties and access permissions and restrictions. You must also be familiar with application logs and reports so you can interpret those provided by SecureTransport.

This chapter provides an overview of the SecureTransport and provides contact information for obtaining technical support for SecureTransport.

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