Extend DML with Custom Functions

In the previous chapters of this guide, you have seen most of the standard functionality supplied by DML in the integration engine. If you take a quick look at the DML online help you realize that the possibilities of DML go far beyond this set of native DML tools.

When conceiving DML, Axway development teams foresaw that whatever the functional range of the built-in tools, it would never be sufficient to cover all of the needs of every user. This is why Axway made DML extendable.

In this chapter, you can see how to extend DML to meet your exact needs. First, you review the concept of Custom Functions and how they are implemented in DML. Then, you learn the three families of Custom Functions that you can use to extend DML: C-based, SQL and Java-based Custom Functions.

This chapter contains technical information intended for advanced users with programming knowledge.

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