Build the Mapping Flow

Build a Mapping Flow that processes the content of the BD_orderFromWeb Business Document to generate BD_orderToPartner and BD_billingDelivery Business Documents and send them on to two different outputs. The Mapping Flow is built around a DML Block that performs this task, which is named MB_extractor in the following graphic:

Building a Mapping Flow

In this Mapping Flow, the input XML document is transmitted from Input1 to the MB1_extractor DML Block. MB1_extractor generates a first XML document on its partner output and another one on its billing output. These documents are then transmitted to their respective applications through the Mapping Flow outputs partner_fax and billing_delivery.

A more complex solution is required to provide partner rates. Your company possesses an XML file containing the rates. To use the content of this file you must add two more DML Blocks to the Mapping Flow: MB_tableLoader and MB_tableBuilder.

Adding DML Blocks to the Mapping Flow

In this new processing sequence, the start event activates the MB_tableLoader that loads the partner file and places the raw text of the file in the following Business Document:

Business Document

The rawdata node of the MB_rawTable Business Document can contain binary raw data and receives the whole text of the file. The task of the MB_tableLoader DML Block is to load the file using services of the operating system directly. This DML Block knows where the file lies and how to load it without the help of the integration engine parsing services. Data is read from the disk and placed without changes in the rawdata node.

This BD_rawTable document is then processed by the MB_tableBuilder DML Block which generates the BD_partnerRates Business Document.

The two inputs of the MB2_extractor DML Block are fed with the web order and the partner rates table, and then data for the two external applications is generated.

In the following chapters, you can learn how to define the Mapping Flows to document data and make the whole system operational.

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