FoodBroker project: Do the first steps

FoodBroker is a complete sample Mapping Project that re-displays at the end of each chapter of this guide. From chapter to chapter, you can see the project develop using the knowledge you acquire from the materials.

To introduce FoodBroker, imagine that you are currently working for the Instant Take Out company whose business is to deliver prepared meals to customers at their home. The Instant Take Out company invites customers to connect to their web site, select a restaurant, and place an order for home delivery of meals.

The following graphic illustrates an example software topology for this scenario:

To make such a business work, you need to exchange data between several software components. These components might involve recently acquired hardware and software as well as elements that you acquired and installed several years ago.

In this situation, processing of incoming orders is needed to obtain different types of data for both orders for restaurants and deliveries and billing application inputs. This is because these applications accept data only when formatted in a specific way.

In this FoodBroker solution, order processing is performed by an integration engine using a DML Block that converts each XML document from the sales web server into two different output XML documents: the order for restaurant and delivery and billing data.

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