Map data in an integration engine

The following graphic illustrates how the Axway products enable companies to integrate across enterprise systems, B2B communities, and the cloud to enable mobile applications and provide end-to-end visibility. For Axway, governing the flow of data means managing data exchanges between participants in the context of a given business interaction. It is through this context that enterprises can prioritize processing and act on the data appropriately.

An integration engine is a system that helps you process your business data wherever it comes from and whatever its format, and to send it on to recipient applications with the data structure they expect, using the desired transport mode. Axway provides the B2Bi integration engine.

Axway community with the integration engines B2bi and Axway Integrator


To enable an integration engine server to perform such complex tasks:

  • You must tell the integration engine server how the data is configured and what you expect to do with it.
  • DML is about data mapping. The process of mapping data is building new data with a specific format from input data that might or might not come in a different format.
  • In Mapping Services, you create message-processing sequences (flows) that can contain one or more maps. After you create a flow, you can send the flow to the B2Bi runtime environment, where it can be used to transform the messages exchanged between participant applications and trading partners.

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