Introduction to DML

This guide introduces you to DML by leading you through an example project. It includes information about how to use DML in an integration engine and an introduction to the FoodBroker sample project.

FoodBroker is a complete project of data mapping for an imaginary business firm. This guide helps you to build this project step by step. The last section of each chapter in this guide is devoted to deepening and enhancing this FoodBroker project.

Example FoodBroker projects are delivered within the Axway Mapping Services in the directory <MappingServices>\Exercises\. You can use these projects as a basis for your tests and to become acquainted with the DML.

After having completed the first chapter, you should have a better understanding of DML, you should know what steps to follow, and how to convert your data mapping needs into a working piece of DML code.

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