Version Management and Project Meta Data

You can version Meta Data in a project and later on, use it to retrieve a specific project from a versioning repository.

Note You must have the additional Version Management component to use this feature.

The following sections describe only those parts of the Version Management which are Meta Data-specific. For detailed instructions, refer to the Axway Mapping Services Version Management User Guide.

Sharing projects

If you want to use Meta Data to identify a specific project when importing projects from a repository, you must make sure that the meta data is included when you commit projects to the repository in the first place.

Import of projects from an SVN repository

When importing projects from a repository, a special section of the Import Versioned Project wizard helps you to find and identify projects by searching within the assigned Project Meta Data Configurations for certain Meta Data values.

In the Import Versioned Project wizard, click the plus sign to open the Advanced section. This section shows the currently selected Meta Data Configuration with all defined categories and entries. By default, the built-in configuration is shown when opening the Advanced section.

To change the Meta Data Configuration, click the cone icon and select a configuration from the drop-down list.

Use the configuration to search the repository

After you chose the Meta Data Configuration you want to search for, you can enter or select values for the Meta Data entries to refine your search.

Only those projects that were committed to the repository with the specified Meta Data, are listed.

You can now select the project and continue to the next wizard page to select (if applicable) the version you want to import from the repository.

Use Meta Data to search for a version

You can use the Meta Data view tab of the Select Project Version wizard page to browse through the Meta Data specified for each version of the Mapping project.

According to the Meta Data entered, select the appropriate version and finish the import action.

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