Assign Meta Data Configurations

You can use Meta Data Configurations as a template for the actual Meta Data in several projects. For this purpose, you must assign a configuration to one or more projects.

You can link a Meta Data Configuration to a Mapping Project in one of the following ways:

  • Using the Project Properties
  • In Project Information
  • From the Meta Data Preferences page

You can also change the assigned configuration.

For more information, see Meta Data Configurations.

New projects

After having created a new project:

  1. In the Project Information editor, click Project Details in the Project Properties.
  2. Select Activate Meta Data for this project and choose a configuration from the drop-down list.

If you want to edit the configuration or create a new one, use the Configure button to redirect you to the Meta Data Preferences dialog. From here, you can edit existing configurations or create new ones.

Assign configurations to one or more existing projects

You can assign configurations easily to several projects at the same time:

  1. Open the Project Meta Data Preferences dialog.
  2. Select the configuration you want to assign and click Assign. The Assign Configuration dialog opens. The Projects list box displays all projects in your workspace to which no configuration has been assigned, yet.
  3. Select one or more projects and click Finish.

Reassign configurations

If you want to reassign a configuration for a project, select another item from the Configuration drop-down list shown in the Meta Data Details area.

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