Import a deployment package

Instead of creating a new Mapping you can import an existing deployment package into your DML workspace. A deployment package contains a specific structure and files generated by a deployment done either with Map Designer 2.x or Mapping Services. For the time being these deployment packages can be generated for DML Mapping Flows or Datamapper maps.

To import a deployment package into your workspace select Import from the File menu or the Project Explorer‘s context menu. The Project Explorer‘s context menu can be opened by a right click with your mouse within the Project Explorer area. In the Import wizard, select Mapping Services > Deployment Package and click Next.

Deployment Package folder

  • Click Select directory to import the deployment package from a root folder. Enter the name of the deployment package or click Browse and select the folder containing the deployment package to be imported.
  • Click Select archive to import deployment packages from a .ZIP archive, which may contain one or more deployment packages. Enter the archive name or click Browse and select the folder containing the deployment package archive to be imported.

Deployment packages

  • On the left panel, the deployment packages are displayed. You can deselect deployment packages which you do not want to import.
  • On the right panel, a preview of the objects of the selected deployment packages to be imported is displayed.
  • The date and version of the selected deployment package are displayed.
  • By default, if a mapping object with the same name already exists in your workspace, the object is not imported from the deployment package. To overwrite existing mapping objects, click Overwrite existing files in the workspace.

Click Finish to import the selected deployment package(s).

You can find information about the mapping objects which were imported in the Console view.

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