Use channels with a simulation

If the simulation object (Business Document, Map or Mapping Flow) needs a channel, an error Displays in the Communications tab. In this case, you need to define a connection to an external server to simulate the objects.

To use a channel with simulation:

  1. Select the Communications tab. In the Object channels table, you should see the name of the channel(s) defined in the business object.
  2. Click the plus button Add attribute icon to add a new communication. Click on the type of communication. A combo box is displayed for you to define the communication type. You can customize the name of the communication.
  3. Click the Connection combo box and select the connection defined as in prerequisite 3 or create a new one by selecting <New connection> (a preference page to define your connection is displayed when you select New connection. The currently available pages are Remote Database Connection and SAP Server Connection).
  4. Click each of the Object channel Communication <Select communication> text and select the communications you want to use for each channel. Run the simulation.
  5. The simulation uses the specified communication channel to retrieve/send specific data.
Note The simulation object needs a channel when using one of the following:
  • Database Maps containing:
  1. Insert
  2. Update
  3. Delete
  4. Stored procedures that change the database content
  • SQL functions
  • Java functions with a Database channel

After executing the simulation, modifications to the database cannot be reverted. This has to be done manually before running the simulation again with the same input or the results may be different on the second run.

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