Use attributes with a simulation

Sometimes, while simulating, you may need to set process-specific values coming from the integration server to test that the flow is working correctly. You can define these attributes in the simulation launcher on the Attributes tab.

To add a simulation attribute:

  1. From the Mapping Services menu, select Run > Run Configurations...
  2. Select a configuration under one of your Simulation Suites.
  3. Select the Attributes tab.
  4. Click the plus button Add attribute icon to add a new attribute.
  • Select the Name.
  • Select the Field.
  • The default type is displayed.
  • Enter a value for this attribute.

The attribute records are read from the files that exist in the following Mapping Services install location: mappingengine/config/attribute. These attributes load every time the application starts. If you update the files in this location so they contain different attributes, you can reload the attributes without restarting by clicking Reload attributes.

Note When a new update is installed, the attribute folder might be overwritten. Make sure that if you make changes to this folder, you back them up outside of the installation.

Default error handling attributes

You can change the default error handling for Flat File and X12 documents. This means that even if the simulator finds an error of the specified type, the whole transaction may still pass, depending on the value of these attributes. Failures for default validation rules are not included.




Accept no errors: The simulation fails on any input error.

Accept errors on element level: The simulation does not fail on element errors, but fails on segment-related errors.


Accept no errors: The simulation fails on any output error.

Accept errors: the simulation does not fail on any error found in the output file regarding the elements.

  • You can remove these two attributes if you do not want them to be sent to the simulation engine.
  • Since the validation rule errors are not affected by these attributes, the behavior does not change.

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