Launch a simulation suite

To launch a simulation suite in Mapping Services in an existing DML Mapping Project:

  1. Select Run > Run Configurations.
  2. Click the DML Simulation Suite folder on the left side of the screen.
  3. To create a new launch configuration, double-click the DML Simulation Suite object or click the New launch configuration icon.
  4. In the Name text field, enter the name of the launch configuration.
  5. In the Simulation Suite text field, enter the simulation suite name you created before or click Browse to find it and click OK. For more information, see Create, configure, and launch a simulation suite.
  6. Specify the Simulation timeout to stop the execution of the simulation after the defined time.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Select the Communications tab and enter any required connection settings.
  9. To start the simulation, click Run.

The simulations for all the input files are run and the status of each simulation is updated in the Simulation Results view. If you do not see the simulation results on the screen, you can make the view visible by selecting it from the main menu: Window > Show View > Simulation Results.

Simulation results

The Simulation Results view lists on the left side the test case defined in the simulation suite. Each test case displays the execution state:

• Passed

• Failed

• Compare failed

The context menu offers you to open the simulation suite.

Select the test case to display the generated output log on the right side.

  • For passed test cases, the generated output opens.
  • When you configured the Compare Output option in your simulation suite, the compare editor opens with the expected output and the generated output file.
  • For failed test cases, click the appropriate links to open the generated log files.

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