Manage channels in DML Mapping Flows

Channels are managed by Mapping Services or B2Bi and Functions are managed by Mapping Services.

You must create a channel alias to associate Mapping Services Functions with runtime channels. The channel alias must have the same name as the channel configured on the runtime server and the same type.

Select channels for Blocks

Channels can be any one of the following types: Database, SAP, or Web Service.

You can define channels at Block level. Select a Block in the Mapping Flow editor, open the Lookup tab in the Properties view, and then define your channel accordingly.

For every DML Block (this is the Block on the diagram that does not have a parent), you can create channel aliases and associate them to Functions. In the Block channel association table, you can select the Block that needs a channel defined for the corresponding alias for every function used, but only if the channel has been created first.

You must define a channel for each Database, SAP and Web Service Block that corresponds to the type of the Block. For example, a Database Block must have a Database channel defined.

Manage channels

Add and delete channels

To see all of the channels that are defined for the Mapping Flow, click the Show all channels available in the Mapping Flow icon Show all channels available in the Mapping Flow icon, and then a list of all the defined channels is displayed in the Properties view on the right.

Click Add Add icon to add new channels or click Delete Delete icon to delete a selected channel.

You can edit the properties of the channel alias, such as name, description, or type.

Properties of the channel alias

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