Create Variables

  1. In Mapping Services, open the Integration Services workbench, and then from the File menu select New > Integration > Variable.
  2. Mapping Services opens the VariablesProperties view.
  1. Complete the General tab.
    NameEnter a name for this Variable. The name is the logical name that is used to reference a given Variable throughout the software.
    LabelOptionally, enter a free-text description for this Variable. This text only displays on this tab.
    StatusThis field displays the current status of the Custom Function, set ToBeChecked by default. You cannot change the status directly in this field.

    Set the of the value that the Variable can store and pass. You can choose from among the following classes:

    • Boolean
    • String
    • Integer
    • Real Number
    • Date and Time
    • Very Large Object
    Init expressionEnter an expression that assigns an initial value to the Variable. The expression must correspond to the selected data class type. Throughout Mapping Services you can define expressions that temporarily assign a new value to the Variable, however, these expressions do not reinitialize the value.

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