Deploy your DML Mappings

Make your DML Mappings available on runtime servers by deploying them to the runtime system or the file system. In doing so, you call the runtime system where the DML Mappings are executed. Mapping Services provides an export wizard, where you can select the target and define the options. After that, the Mappings are packaged, transferred and compiled. The Axway B2Bi runtime server is supported.

Note The design of Mapping Services strictly separates the development and runtime environments architecture. This ensures that only fully functional and tested Mappings are transferred to the runtime environment.

If using Global Runtime Objects remember that they are used across several Mappings after the deployment. With your team, define a process that specifies exactly when and how modified Global Runtime Objects are deployed to the runtime server. This is extremely important, because a Global Runtime Object may affect hundreds of Mappings on the runtime server side.

Before you deploy Mappings, it is recommended to check the dependencies between resources. If resources have dependencies to other resources, then all or none of these must be selected when deploying the Mapping. You can use the Object Dependency Browser to get a dependency overview for each resource in your Mapping Projects (see Object Dependency Browser).

There are two ways to deploy a Mapping:

  • You can export the Mapping to the file system and transfer it to the runtime system. There, the deployment package which was generated needs to be installed with the command line.
  • Alternatively, you can deploy the generated deployment package directly to the runtime system.

In both cases, you use the Mapping Services Deployment feature within the Project Information. You select the target and define further options to deploy a Mapping. The Mapping is then packaged in a deployment package, transferred, and compiled.

You can also run your deployment in the background which frees the page view to allow you to edit other objects.

Note For conceptual information about Mapping Services, such as the project structure, the life-cycle of Mappings, the product architecture, the Mapping Services Workbench, and Mapping Services specific terminology, refer to the Axway Mapping Services Overview Guide.

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