Generate reports

To generate detailed reports about the objects you manage in Mapping Services, use the document generation tool accessible from the Tools menu .

  1. In the Map interface, select Tools > Generate Documentation, and then select the object type for which you want to generate a report:
    • Flow
    • Business Document
    • Map
    • Extended Object
      • Variable
      • Table
      • Custom Function
  2. Mapping Services opens the object generation wizard for the selected object type.
  3. Click Add and use the browser tool to locate one or more objects for reports.
  4. Select report document options:
    • Use default location – Select this option or use the browsing tool to select new location for the report output.
    • Show documentation after creation – Select this option if you want to view the generated report document immediately after it is generated.
  5. Click Next and in the Documentation Details screen, select which details you want to appear in the report.
  6. Click Next and in the Template Selection screen, select a template to use for report generation.
  7. Click Finish to generate the report.
  8. If you selected the Show documentation after creation option, the resulting report is immediately viewable on the screen.

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