Add a Validation Rule

Validation Rules are sets of Boolean expressions that enable the Map Engine to check the content of a Business Document in DML during message processing.

To add a Validation Rule to a Business Document:

  1. Open a Business Document. In the Business Document editor, select the Validation tab to open the Validation Rules view.
  2. Either:
    • From the toolbar, click Add Validation Rule icon Add Validation Rule.
    • Right-click on the Validation Rule list and select Add Validation Rule.
  3. Mapping Services adds a Validation Rule entry to the left pane.
  4. Select the new entry in the left pane and then complete the middle pane.
Field Contents


Enter a name for the Validation Rule.


Enter a Boolean expression.

The logic of a Validation Rule is similar to that of the DML expression if-then-else. However, to define a Validation Rule, do not include any reserved words.

The reserved word if is implicit in a Validation Rule. Because you do not define what the software does when the if clause returns the value false, the words then and else are not necessary.

To use a node of the Business Document in an expression, you can drag the node from the right frame to the Expression field.


Enter a free-text description of the Validation Rule. This description displays only on this tab.

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