Use Business Document libraries

A Business Document library is an archive of predefined (provided by Axway) or user-created Business Documents that vendors and users are willing to share as a standard.

In Mapping Services DML, there are two categories of libraries: Axway libraries and Custom libraries.

Axway libraries

Axway libraries are read-only libraries provided by Axway. These are stored in a separate location from custom libraries. You cannot modify or delete these libraries.


Axway Mapping Services supports the message standards that are supported by the respective runtime server (B2Bi), such as ANSI X.12 or EDIFACT.

Axway provides the support of message standards with Standards Libraries. A Standard Library is a set of packages (collections) that contain:

  • Prebuilt message structures (Business Documents)
  • Repositories
  • Map and flow components
  • Sample maps and flows

You can use these items in Mapping Services to accelerate the definition of message- processing flows for various industry standards and business applications.  

Refer to the B2Bi Support Reference Catalog for information about download, installation, and versions of Standard Libraries.

All Axway documentation can be downloaded from Axway Support:

Custom libraries

Custom libraries are user-created libraries. These are kept in the <Mapping Services install location>/repository folder and are not overwritten when installing a service pack. You can share libraries within the Mapping Services installation by copying the corresponding .blib files from one repository folder into another. You are able to modify or delete custom libraries, if desired.

After creating your own custom library, you can add the appropriate Business Documents into that library. Finally, if you determine that your custom library is correct and no more changes are needed, you can release that library, making it read-only.

You can delete a custom library if you do not need it anymore.

You can use Business Document libraries to export Business Documents from the selected library into your workspace. Then you can work with these Business Documents.

To work with Business Document libraries, open the Library Browser in the Tools menu.

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